Testimonials MSA

In the four years that Jebel Ali School has been working alongside My Sports Academy the profile of swimming in the school has greatly improved and along with it the standing of the school in the Dubai School’s swimming community. In my opinion, My Sports Academy are the number one swimming provider in Dubai in terms of supporting schools in their swimming curriculum and swim squads. At the Dubai Schools swimming finals My Sports Academy presence alongside school teams and teachers was by far the most significant in terms of numbers, supporting not only the winning school and other competitive schools but also alongside developing schools. The partnership is successful as there is a continued relationship for our swimmers from lessons, to school swim squads and to the My Sports Academy swim program outside of school. In particular, our learn to swim swimmers benefit greatly from this relationship as they can build on what they learn in lessons and be familiar with their coach outside of school. At the other end of the spectrum, our squad swimmers are coached by My Sports Academy coaches in lessons, in JAS squads and then continue on to the MSC elite squads after school. The relationship between teachers, students and parents are what I believe sets My Sports Academy apart from other swimming providers. The coaches relate to the swimmers as people and understand each individual child’s needs. The swimmers in the My Sports Academy swim program aren’t just a number in the club, no matter what ability the child performs at. This ethos fits perfectly with Jebel Ali School’s mission statement of ‘putting children first’.
Ben Horton, Head of PE
at Jebel Ali School
Enjoyment, participation and athlete retention are the true building blocks of successful sporting futures for children. When these criteria have been satisfied, it becomes clearer that the MSA coaches are doing an outstanding job.
Niall Statham Head of PE
Hartland International School
Finn just loves being part of the MSC community. He loves the social aspect of the squad and has the utmost respect for his coaches. MSA is a world-class company and Kav is a world-class coach and I can say that having grown up in Australia doing a lot of sport.
Cathy Ellis
Unlimited Sports enjoys a close and active working relationship with My Sports Academy and are privileged to call them our partner. My Sports Academy has given us the opportunity to grow and have been highly supportive in terms of moving our business forward. Their communication with us is always excellent and their professionalism is refreshing. They have been able to set-up meetings for us through their own networks in order for us to potentially acquire new venues, which has been invaluable. On a day-to-day level, My Sports Academy keep their facilities in an excellent order allowing our customers to enjoy their lessons in a safe and clean environment.
Richard Newcombe, Co-founder
Unlimited Sports
Blown away by this Summer camp! We have been to a few others in Dubai and they were all good, but this is by far and away the best our son, Sam, has ever been to. Loving the energy and dynamics of the team. Organised, both in the enrollment, the welcome pack and the structure of each day. Forget Dubai’s 7* hotel, this is Dubai’s 7* Summer camp.
Caroline Green
Having worked in Dubai for 4 years you get the opportunity to meet and speak with many different schools as well as see and meet various sporting providers. I was aware of My Sports Academy through visiting other schools that are in partnership with them and I was always very impressed with their professionalism. I approached My Sports Academy back in May 2016 to inquire about the possibility of partnering with them to run our school Swim Program. Minutes after sending the initial enquiry email, I received a reply. This has also been the case when asking questions, needing help or generally speaking with them about daily matters. The attention to detail and family feel to the My Sports Academy Team are what really sets them apart from other providers in Dubai. If I was asked to pick one thing that I have liked about My Sports Academy it has been their high level of communication on a daily, weekly and termly basis. I know that if I needed to speak to any member of the team, I could do so easily and get the information I needed. I found working with My Sports Academy to be highly rewarding. They have made my role within the school much easier. I have absolute confidence in everything they do and know that with them, we will be able to build a strong working partnership that will benefit the school and pupils. If any school are looking for a highly professional company with an incredible personal/family feel I would recommend My Sports Academy. The decision to have My Sports Academy as our Swimming and Football provider has been one of my easiest.
Paul Jackson
Kent College
Swimming is a very lonely sport, and this is where MSA excel. The team of coaches enable them the kids to understand it is not just about them and their personal bests, but just as importantly see themselves as being part of a team. You only have to go to any gala in the UAE where MSC is represented to see that.
Tara Armes
Thank you so much to your wonderful, dedicated coaches – for believing in my boys. They have built their confidence, week by week and their kindness and patience are appreciated so much! Thank you for making this possible through your programme and your wonderful team.
Tasha Allen
I attended a Level 2 in Teaching Aquatics course hosted by My Sports Academy. The delivery of this course was thorough and professionally done. All aspects of this course were done in a professional yet friendly manner and the environment for teaching and learning was excellent.
Roger Williams
ASA Course Candidate
I have been very impressed with their approach, I would recommend My Sports Academy without hesitation.
Maarten Wolfs
I have two boys aged 12 and 14 playing football in the My Sports Academy development squads for 4 years now. The boys have developed so much during this time both technically and as young people and their knowledge and passion for the game, as a result, amazes me every day. The boys love playing football within My Sports Academy because it is such a fun environment and they always feel safe! Everything is so organized which makes it easy for parents and kids. The coaches are not only technically very good, but they also communicate so well with the kids and there is a sense of caring about the well-being of each member of the team. If you ask the boys, they will tell you “it feels like a family”. The management and the coaches of My Sports Academy have created a great platform for the kids to develop their skills, to have fun together and just enjoy playing football. Although the teams participate in many tournaments, the main objective is not to win medals, although they often do, instead to increase confidence, so the players can make their own choices and learn through that. You will never hear the coaches shout at the kids how to play during matches, something that would stress the kids. Instead, they guide them through the plan beforehand and they have equipped the players with knowledge during training sessions and the boys know what to do. The boys feel free of pressure when they are on the pitch and they just enjoy playing! It is a pleasure being a parent with kids playing football in My Sports Academy because the boys are simply so happy belonging to the team! Although the boys come from many different school systems, different cultures etc. they really are good friends and their coaches are taking good care of them individually. The excellent organization of MSA, the level and quality of their coaches, the familiarity and consistency, as well as the good communication to parents makes it the best place for kids to develop their sport in Dubai. I recommended My Sports Academy to everyone as the first choice!
Charlotte Khattar