My Sync-Swim Club

My Sync-Swim Club

My Sync-Swim Club (MSC) provides opportunities for swimmers of all ages and genders to learn, develop and excel in synchronized swimming. This is a hybrid form of swimming, dance, and gymnastics. It demands water strength and great skill; specific strokes, endurance, flexibility, grace, artistry, rhythm and precise timing. Both an individual, and a team sports Synchronised Swimming, recently renamed artistic swimming adds variety and further skill development to our aquatic provision.

Synchronised Swimming Benefits

  • It’s great fun!
  • Excellent for physical conditioning and promoting a healthy lifestyle
  • Improves individual skill level and teamwork
  • Develops basic motor skills including flexibility, strength, stamina, coordination, and speed
  • Promotes body and breathing control, charisma and performance skills

MSC Sessions Are Available At

  • Foremarke
  • JESS Jumeirah
  • Nord Anglia


Email us at: [email protected]