Certified CPD Events and Seminars


At My Sports Academy, we offer CPD seminars for teachers and coaches who are actively looking to develop their skills in different aquatic areas.

Continuing Professional Development is an essential part of the life of a swimming teacher or coach. It’s so important to keep up to date with changes and developments and continue to enhance your knowledge and skills by attending further training.

We offer an array of recognised and certified CPD events from the ASA and other Awarding Bodies.

  • Aquatics in the National Curriculum
  • Developing Butterfly
  • Integrating Autistic Children
  • Personal Survival
  • Teaching Turns
  • Effective Sculling & Developing Strokes
  • Starts & Turns
  • Children with Educational Difficulties
  • Learn to Swim FUNdamentals
  • Learn to Swim Competitive Swimming
  • Effective Communication & Feedback
  • Improving Breaststroke
  • Improving Back Crawl
  • Improving Butterfly
  • Improving Front Crawl
  • Games Led Approach to Learn to Swim
  • Swimmers with Physical & Sensory Impairments
  • Integrating Disabled Swimmers into Coaching

If you are interested in any of the above seminars, which last approximately 3 hours please call or email [email protected]

We do need a minimum of 10 people to attend, so if you are interested but do not have the minimum numbers please let us know and we may have other coaches or teachers who would like to attend at the same time. From our experience bringing people together and collating experience from various coaching/teaching groups can be hugely beneficial to the event as a whole and to the entire group. For further information click on the link below: