Charlton Athletic FC

Charlton Athletic Academy UAE

Our programmes include School Holiday Camps, weekly training in FUNdamental and Academy programme, and progressing to our highest level for players, the Talent Identification Program (T.I.P).


All programmes are designed by Charlton Athletic Coaching Team, and mirror those that are offered to their players in London, England.

All the programmes offer a progressive pathway whilst continuing to help each player with their development and growth at a controlled rate and in a positive environment.


Throughout the year, we will have Charlton Athletic coaching staff from the UK participating within our programs, and presenting parents and players with the opportunities for the future.


Our Programmes


This the first step for our players, where we develop core football skills focusing on the following areas:

·      Technical Skill Development

·      Ball Mastery

·      Social Development

·      Coordination

·      Team Building

·      Speed, Agility, Quickness

·      Game Understanding


Our Academy provides young players with the opportunity and insight into what the professional football world has to offer. Our Academy is perfect for self-motivated players, who have similar desire and attitudes to training and games.


It is a structured and progressive environment aimed at developing children’s core movement, football skills, whilst designing and creating a maximum enjoyment and involvement, and helping young footballers to realise their full potential.


Our philosophy is first and foremost, to help a player reach his or her full potential, by staying true to our beliefs, whilst always putting player development first.


Top of the pyramid training program provides selected players an insight into what the professional football world has to offer through the values, beliefs, and support from the professional staff at Charlton Athletic FC. We have two locations within the UAE. Whatever the environment or situation, our attitude and focus will always remain on setting the highest standards both on and off the field. Players participating within our T.I.P program have the opportunity to be selected by our coaching staff to attend trials at our professional club in London, England. 

Our Locations

·      North London Collegiate School

·      Ranches Primary School

·      UPro

Charlton TV

The programme will even feature on Charlton’s very own television channel Charlton TV! Our video and audio service offering exclusive content from behind-the-scenes at The Valley and live coverage of Charlton games, hosted by former Player at Charlton Athletic and Chelsea, Scott Minto. Anyone in the world can register for Charlton TV.


Subscribers will be granted access to all pre-season matches, early access to pre-season highlights, interviews, on demand content and live streaming of league games once competitive season starts for a 12 month period.