About Us

About Us

My Sports Academy is a sports coaching and education provider based in the UAE. We provide highly qualified, educated and passionate coaches who strive to create a positive environment based on learning through fun with a focus on long-term athletic development.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a child-centered, development focused sports culture within the UAE. One that nurtures and inspires each and every individual in a happy, healthy and safe environment, turning short-term success into long term achievement. Connecting people through sport, our goal is to create a lifelong love for sport and leading an active, healthy life.

Core Values

Our core values underpin everything we do, from day to day behaviours to long term visions:

We enrich
We educate
We empower
We’re ambitious

We have fun
We’re dynamic
We have integrity
We pursue excellence

Our Philosophy

We believe in order for athletes to learn and develop, consistent high-quality teaching and coaching is of paramount importance. Underpinned by a well-planned but flexible scheme of work centered on the needs of each group of young athletes. Our clubs operate under the following philosophy:

  • Learning though Fun
  • Maximum participant involvement
  • Supportive and relevant learning environments
  • Age appropriate equipment
  • Skill mastery
  • Exemplary behavior at all times
  • Correct habits / good practice
  • Creativity (no fear) through empowerment
  • Developing people not just athletes

What we offer:

  • High quality sports coaching
    • Swimming
    • Aquatics
    • Football
    • Netball
    • Triathlon
  • School curriculum support
  • Scheme of work support and development
  • Events
  • Coach/Staff education
  • Facility management
  • Holiday camps